It's official. There are more takers than workers.

Believe it or not guys, I was once a Union Man. It wasn't by choice and at the time it made no difference to me... But I hope all of you will read and understand what I'm about to share.

When I was a starving college student, my dad worked as an accountant for International Paper Co. Between semesters, he would help me get a job working at the mill to earn money. The job was always temporary and the pay was very good. But in order to get those jobs, I had to go down to the union hall and sign up for apprentice jobs as a welder or pipefitter. I'll just skip the remaining details and make a short story a little longer...

I work hard. Always have. One night I was working as hard and fast as I could go and my Foreman "Hammerhead" as they called him came walking up to me and started yelling at me. He said, "Boy! if you keep working like that, you're gonna work yourself right out of a job! Slow down, and take your time!"

Over the years I've come to realize that I got ahead in life because I didn't listen to Hammerhead. But now, it's people like him that are in charge of everything. This country is ruined. We are no longer the USA that liberated the world in 1944. We are well on our way to being brought to our knees.

The Hammerheads are in charge. After last night I keep finding myself remembering the last few seconds of ""Invasion of the bodysnatchers" when Donald Sutherland points at his wife and sounds the alarm. From now on, all of us need to be careful what we say and careful of how we associate. Things are going to degrade to a much worse condition in the next 4 years. The dollar colapse will make the Greek financial meltdown look like a Sunday Picnic. See you all on the other side.
Good night Chesty, wherever you are!

Tolerance is a virtue of those who believe in nothing.

Deo Vindice