I have been loading/shooting like I have never done in my life. I been shooting my target rifles and have been having a blast. I have a 2nd 6.5/284 barrel I never shot much, and began playing with some JLK 140`s. I couldn`t get them doing anything and got disgusted, and when the new 6-47 barrel came in I put it on and had a really good run with 115 Tubb`s and the 115 Bergers. Well, I am contemplating going back to Aurora MO. for a 1000 yd match, my first, and decided I`d rather have the 6.5/284 as my light gun so more load devlopement was in order. I shot a few more JLK`s to my dissapointment and after hearing of the guy we met at Aurora set a new record for score with his Lt gun. I was ready to change bullets and play some more. He shot a 2.408" 5 shot group, which is unreal, but not a record breaker, but had 3 in the x ring and 2 in the 10 for a score of 53. This was done with Hornady A-Max 140`s out of a wildcat based off the 7x57 case, he calls it a 6.5-244AI or 244 necked to 6.5 and a 40 degree shoulder. Well let me finish by saying I tried the 140 A-Max in my 6.5/284 and those bullets shoot like a lazer beam. I went to the range today and was testing powders and shot a 3 shot .153 with them. I was so pleased, I tried them in my 6BR I shot a 10 shot group today with brand new cases, and the first 3 were awful, but I just kept shooting the same spot, well the last 7 went into a .224" group. I am through spending money on Bergers, and JLK`s when Hornady is shooting lights out for me in these thoroughbred rifles. Just wanted to pass this along to any not already using these. I measured my older box of 140 A-Max`s I`ve had on the shelf for years. Every one was within .0005" of each other, no culls in the whole friggin box. The 105 6mm were not as tight but Lord have mercy Hornady is busting azz to be the best they can be, Tim.
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