I hope someone can help me with this problem.

We were sighting in our rifles yesterday and my 70 year old cousin was having a ton of problems with his rifle. It is a 303 British and he had a scope put on it last year, it was bore sighted or so they told me. My cousin let his son in law get it to zero at 50 yards. The rifle shot about 6 inches low and to the left. He got it on bullseye at 50 yards then my cousin took it to shoot.

We used a tall box to hold the targets and he was shooting at the top target. He hit the bottom of the box in the left coner, about a good 3 "feet" low. He fired off three more shots and all hit the same spot.

Now if the shots were all over the place I would tell him to replace the scope but those shots GROUPED good in the bottom coner so to me that had to be his shooting.

He kept trying to shoot the rifle and was hitting the ground in front of the box. we could not fingure out why he was shooting so low. His son in law took the rifle back and he started to hit 6 inches low. So now I'm not so sure what to make of it.

We took the scope off and he used the military sights and hit right of bullseye so that's what he will use.

I'm not sure about the brand but I think it was a Simmons.

Does anybody have any ideas?? We thought he might have his cheek setting too high on the rifle but don't know.
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