I finally got around to putting on my new stock on the bolt gun I bought from RDL65 on here. My son turned 4 and has been shooting 22's for a while now. I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and he repied, (dad im four so im a big boy and want to shoot a bigboy gun) lol so I set up the .223 on the bench and then prone and he shot really well at 100 yards with it. Now the pic below is just a poser shot he isnt shooting, the gun is not loaded and he didnt want ear muffs in the pic.

But besides all that, I love this stock its super comfortable has agreat feel and look. You just wont carry it around much.

"I dont remember what happen last night, but the fact that I had to put on sunglasses to open the fridge this morning tells me it must have been awesome!"