Out of bed at 4:00am everything loaded in truck,I make 45 minute drive to hunting land.load up the 4 wheeler for the 1 mile trip back in the woods.Drive to the spot i plan on hunting.Im unloading the blind,chair,gun,All of a sudden i hear HAY YOU HUNTING HERE???? i said no im just driving around in the dark with my gun dummy i asked what are you doing here he said i was going to hunt down there. So i said hunt on man so i pulled out back to the road and come into a field just above him skirted the woodline till i was up above him with the wind blowing to where he was and i set up never heard a shot but i never got a shot off either. But on the way out i saw 6 deer moving through the woods away from where we were. Now theres locks on the farm gates and maybe i wont run into him in the woods next time.
Life is good. Bad times will come your way but always look for a better tomorrow.