I know it's early, but the first one to pick the winner gets a prize*.


1. You must post your pick(s) by 10:59 pm (central) Monday, July, 23, 2007.

2. You can pick TWO drivers. If your first pick wins, you get Prize A. If your second pick wins, you get prize B. (Prizes A & B will both be given out).

3. If you guess the winner correctly and your 2nd pick finishes 2nd, you get a "better" prize.

4. In the event of multiple correct picks, a drawing will be held.

* Prize no. 1 is a Big-n-Tasty from MickeyD's
Prize no. 2 is an order of fries off the dollar menu.
The "better" prize is a Big Mac.

Prizes will be sent via third class U.S. mail. (postage due)

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