I learned something the hard way; keep your flash channel clean.
I thought I had been doing a good job of this, soaking and then scrubbing with a military pipe cleaner (the pipe clenaer sure came out dirty).
I recently switched to BH209 and this week I have had trouble with accuracy and primer blowback. Going through old post, I saw that you should clean flash channel with a 1/8" drill bit (for Traditions users). I tried, no go. Kept going down in bit size and was finally able to get a .087 bit in there. Started going back up in size and found that there was a pretty heft crud ring in the channel. Eventually got up to .125 (1/8").
So, what I thought was clean, wasn't even close and accuracy suffered.
The flash channel will now be getting cleaned out with the drill bit a the end of each shooting day.
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