Finally got out to the range Saturday morning to get my Knight Rolling Block sighted in and play with a few loads. The range was surprisingly crowded. I ended up waiting on a 100 yard stall, so I only had a enough time to get sighted in and shoot some groups with just 2 of the different bullets I had brought with me. Those two gave me a real nice idea of the potential of this rifle. I'll get back to the range here shortly and tweak a few things and put a few other different bullets through it. I really like shooting this rifle. It's well balanced and handles well, even with the scope mounted. Loading a primer into the holder/extractor was easy with the scope in place and when the action was opened, the extractor would pop the spent primer out of the action. It was nice to not have to pull the primer out of the breach plug with the fingers.

Here are the stats. The rifle is a Knight rolling block in .50 caliber. It's topped off with a Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9x40 with the firefly recticle using a set of Knight bases and rings. The two bullets I used today were a Barnes 250 gr. Expander and a 385 gr. Great Plains conical. The primers were Winchester 777 primers. The 3 shot groups were fired with no swabbing in-between shots. Then the rifle was cleaned for the next group. All shooting was done off sand bags.

I started with the 385 gr. Great Plains and 80 grains of FFG 777. The rifle had been bore sighted, so I started tweaking things and shooting groups at 50 yards. Surprisingly, this bullet took a bit of force to get started, but went down the barrel nice and easy after it got past the muzzle. Here are the final 3 targets I shot with the 385 GP while tweaking the cross hairs.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to shoot the 385 gr. GP at 100 yards, but 50 yard groups were pretty good.

Next, I moved the targets back to 100 yards and changed over to the 250 gr. Barnes Expanders and 110 grains of FFFG 777. These Barnes bullets were packaged for Traditions and came with a red sabot that I hadn't seen before. I was pleasently surprised at how easily they loaded. Recoil with this load wasn't bad at all. Accuracy turned out to be good as well. Here are 2 of the best groups of the morning. These were 2 of the last 3 groups I shot and I was really buckling down and concentrating on the shot.

I really like this load and it'll probably be my hunting load for the up coming season. I'll be revisiting this bullet and tweaking the powder charge a bit in the near future. It definatley has great potential.

The other bullets I have to test are a 250 gr. bonded shockwave, 300 gr. Barnes expander (with the black sabot), and a 410 gr. Great Plains conical. They'll get put through the rifle on my next visit to the range. I'll give report on how these do when I'm done.

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