Shot my 2nd group ever with my Savage/Pac today,the first group I shot,measured right at a 1inch 3 shot group.I went back to the range and was more cautious how I held the gun and was a little more easier on the trigger,and came up with a 3 shot group that measured .656 inches..It'll do for now,but after season i'll definatly be looking to cut the group size down.Hopefully i'll be able to get a new stock and have it beded and a 3rd pillar installed,and also upgrade my scope..Its a work in progress.Was shooting 60grs N120, Harvester light blue sabot, with a 195gr Barnes expander.can't wait to see what it does on deer this weekend..

Don't pay attention to those 2 shots to the right,I started out shooting on the right side of the bench,and I couldn't get a steady shot on that side since im right handed,I then switched to the left side and then shot the group.

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