So I have owned the gun for a few years and originally purchased a cheap scope for it. The cheap scope was hitting so far off target I had to shim it in the bases to make it hit. After season I bought a decent (swift) scope for it and got it dialed in... however it was almost all the way adjusted to the right. First cold day I shot it the reticle broke in the scope. Crazy. Swift replaced scope for free, but I put another cheap scope back on it. Same problem, almost all the way out of adjustment to hit paper. While still sighting it in the scope went out of focus and "fogged" up. I guess the gas escaped. I knew there was a problem so I pulled it apart and.... THE HOLES DRILLED IN THE BARREL FOR THE BASES AREN'T STRAIGHT!!! Three are in a perfect line and the last one is about 1/32" off. I guess it was torquing the scope in the mounts and breaking the scopes. CVA said ship it to them and they will repair or replace it... but now its ML season so I guess I'm going open sights and will ship it after season.

I believe the model is a HunterBolt Magnum
I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure.

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