I would like to add some Japanese Persimmons to my property for deer. (I have numerous natives that produce now and will be planting additional ones) Type recommendations and best suppliers would be appreciated.

Also I would like to plant some apples, crab apples and pears. My place is overrun with cedar, so resistance to Cedar Rust would be important.

I have an old family homestead farm (40 acres, 10 in woods lot and 10 in pasture remainder in row crop) that has been cut for hay for 25 years, surrounded by lots of row crop on adjacent properties.Good higher level land that should not be frost pocket prone. Lots of sunlight.

Want the quickest production of fruit that I can get, not to belabor a point, but am getting a little long in the tooth, and I would like to have some production for the grand kids prior to leaving this vale of tears.
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