Listen to the old saying,we have 3 of these that are rusting within 24hrs. of cleaning. one been shot 2x and now doesn't close back everytime you try to breech it. Hammer doesn't always cock,got to slam it closed to get the hammer to cock!!But the rusting is something i've never seen. No good to talk to cva,thier the only ones who have ever cleaned a gun before. funny thing is they sure going out of thier way NOT to give me a number for the CEO. You can clean these 3 guns and 24hrs later they are growing hair. Had a guy to tell me that he has to clean his,then clean it before he goes hunting. And has to shoot it everytime he hunts because it can't be left loaded no time at all. Hell i remember leaving the old muskets loaded for weeks and never a problem at all. But it's like i get what you pay for and i took the CHEAP way out.