Well most of my brassica have been almost destroyed by bugs. The bulbs are still growing but the tops are worthless for the deer. Good thing I put in some wheat and clover in the mix. There is one type of brassica that the bugs arent eating and the deer are tearing it up.

Here you can see the bug damage. I should have sprayed it a month ago but never.

Her is a pic of a turnip. Some of them are almost softball size. They appear to still be growing although the tops are almost gone.

Here is the one brassica that I am excited about. Not sure what kind it is. It was in the mix of biologic winter bulbs and sugar beets. It has a lush green leaf that holds alot of water in it. The leaf is also pretty thick compared to a turnip leaf. I would like to try to identify it because the deer are hammering them. I havent noticed any bulbs on them yet. If anyone knows what it is, I would appreciate your help.

The wheat and crimson clover field is looking great though. The deer usually keep this mowed down but with all the acorns on the ground it has actually been able to grow a little.

Here is just a pic I thought I would share of a section of the farm looking down toward the wheat field. There is cutover to the left of the field with hardwoods on the right and behind. I have been expanding this plot a little every year in hopes of having a large feeding area in the center of my property. There is nothing but timber land for miles around so I hope this will draw alot of deer on to my property.