My wife bought me a CVA Buckhorn muzzleloader last year. I know it is the cheapest one, but it works. I have been shooting 45 handgun bullets with a sabbot, since I have been reading how the powerbelts dont leave much of a blood trail. Last year I though my scope was messed up because it was all over the paper. My father in law has a CVA but its older and actually has bolt. Last year he had an easy 25 yard shot and missed. He is a dead eye so it really shocked me. Last week at the range his first shot was 17 inches to the left. 65 shots later he was still not getting cosistent groups so he figured his scope must be messed up also.

I went to shoot them out of mine and I was 12 inches high. I figured I pulled the shot since I am not that bad of a shot, I was doing this open sights since I figured my scope was still messed up. My second shot cut the same hole. I adjusted my rear sight down and it was still 10 inches high. So I moved the sight all the way down and was 6 inches low. I was about to give up since I had fired 15 shots, when my father in law brings out some 385 grain Hornady Great Plains bullets. They were 20 years old and all chalky. They were from his sidelock days and we figured we would try them.

His results were dead on within 2 shots, then it was my turn to try them. I was dead on also.

My question is does anyone get consistant accuracy with sabbots out of their inlines or was this my problem all along? The only thing I can figure is the plastic is melting and not allowing the bullet to come out true everytime with inconsistant results.

Sorry if I sound like a novice, I just learned how to even use a muzzleloaded a year ago.