As not to step all over the other thread with this topic, I stated this one................

The question was will a buck in rut taste gamey?

I say YES, why? Because several factors fall into play during the rut. The bucks are not sleeping/eating and just plan out running themselves into the ground, they are not in a relaxed state physically or mentally. The fat content of the muscle is pretty much depleted to a minimal, now add adrenaline into the picture and you have the perfect recipe for gamey meat. Hormones/adrenaline both have a huge effect on the quality of the meat.
Hence, the modern day traveling butcher/slaughter wagon. It is a proven fact that cattle that is slaughtered in/on its own familar farm/barn is much better than if it were hauled to the slaughter house, the cattle are much more relaxed in their natural environment, not stressed or fatigued, thus lowing the adrenaline levels in to the meat.

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