I am right handed , so I shot handed for a long time. After years of bow hunting and learning more about shooting with your dominate eye.i find out I am left eye dominate. My left eye is also much better than my right, at that point I switched over to a left hand bow , wasn't really that hard to do, I never really saw a huge improvement in my group size though. But since my left eye is strong I could tell a difference in seeing my pins. After a couple of years shooting left hand I have found it is extremely difficult to buy and sell left hand stuff. I also thought I might be able to shoot with both eyes open but never could even shooting with my dominate eye, I said all that to ask y'all advice on sticking with my left or getting some contacts and going back to my right?? , one more not I have found all my hunting set ups are better for shooting right handed and have it a little difficult to learn to setup and shoot left hand from my stands for what ever reason .