I swear there is not a doe in TN that will walk out in front of my son
today he tags his fifth deer of his life and another buck

Well after watching SC beat UT and brooklyn killing her buck this morn i was whooped so i laid down and set my alarm for 3:45 AM not pm well about 445 katie walks in and says i thought u were taking tyler hunting i said i am we are leaving about 4 then she explained it was almost five.
so we barrel out the door hauled butt up to Ashland City we get there like 5:25 ish crawl up in the shooting house and watched squirrels
well it was getting dark and i was telling him lets come out in the AM and hunt for a few hours he was like i was wanting to sleep in i told him nope we will go and about that time this fella steps out 45 yards tyler bust him he jumps and mule kick and we watched him run and run and run the he fell

perfect shot hit onside shoulder destroying it and exited back in the ribs but heck he ran 125-135 yds but at least i could drive up to him

tyler was excited as we walked back to get the camera i was hugging him and we was laughing i said dang buck again he laughed and said i am good

i am exhausted this has been one of the best days of my life SC beat UT Notre Dame beat Oklahoma
my baby girl killed her fist deer a spike buck and my son killed a nice 6 pointer

it dont get no better than this
I really want to thank ACHunter
Jason is so cool letting me bring tyler up to his place
and we really need to pray for him he is having a rough time monday he goes for a scoping top and bottom having issues with bleeding and ulcers and then will have some major back surgery in NOV around thanksgiving He has just had a rough year i am going to help him wed getting his new savage ML 10-2 sighted in Hoping we can get him on some deer before his surgery

what a day

Remington 700 cdl stainless fluted in sps stock
zeiss 3.5-10x44
120 NBT over 40 gns re15
2725 fps
45 yds shot
field dressed only 125 i could of sworn it was heavier

Drag Racing

Spending money I dont have

on things I dont need

to impress people I dont know