and his name is "Elric"

what a morning i am exhausted

well we get in the shooting house about 5 minutes before first light. got settled in cut the heater on Brooklyn started watching for deer.
then she spotted a deer she said it has horns i told her to calm down we moved the rifle to the left window she said he is walking toward me i told her we dont want that shot so i moved the rifle to front window and said get ready he will walk in front of us she got ready and he was 55 yds in front of us i grunted he stopped and looked and she put the hammer down
i knew he was hit hard and he managed to go about 60-80 yds mostly down hill

she was like did i get him i said yes then the next question made me smile
how many can i shoot?
i said just one buck a day
she was like that sucks
i said i know but you can shoot 3 doe's she was like that would be fun i told her we r going to get her buck we can shoot more later thinking to my self i got to drag this thing out ( my personal weight loss thing i am not using the 4 wheeler at all this year unless i really need to)

She kinda got a lil emotional walking up on the deer. I grabbed her and gave her a big hug and then told her to sit down . we sat there in the middle of the woods for about 20 minutes talking
She is a real special girl and has a very kind heart. We talked about all sorts of things although killing of an animal is hard it is a necessary evil. If we dont manage a herd properly the deer will be overpopulated and the land can only support so much the weak die of disease and hunger, and that is truly sad. I also told her how much good would be done with "Elric" and how he will feed several poor and homeless people. She then smiled and was all better and the we heard a squirrel and she was ready to shoot again but as i said it was a lil tree rat.

Well I asked her European mount or full shoulder she said full shoulder so it will be off to m'boro soon for Joey A to mount
Top it all off Today is her grand pa's Charlie B'day (Katie's Dad) he would be so proud of this girl but i know one thing I am i never thought this day would ever come I do love my step daughter

rem 700 cdl stainless fluted in sps stock
ziess 3.5-10x44
120 NBT over 40 gns of RE15
2725 fps
Cheatham Co spike buck field dressed 100 lbs

perfect shot placement

the "killer look"

brooklyn and my son tyler

brooklyn and momma

Drag Racing

Spending money I dont have

on things I dont need

to impress people I dont know