I'm so excited. The first gun I ever shot at a deer with 10 years ago was a Remington 7400 30-06 semi-auto. It belongs to the guy who really got me into hunting and has taught me most of what I know. This past May I went to Canada and killed a black bear with a friend who lives up there....I used his gun and it too was a Remington 7400 30-06. I have been looking for one of these guns online for a while now but every one I found was starting at $400 to $450. I just didnt want to pay that but my patience just paid off. I bought one on gunbroker for $300 and it's in near perfect condition. It was coming from an estate sale and didnt belong to the FFL who was selling it so he must not have cared what he got for it. I feel like I got a great deal. Any opinions?

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