glad I got me a new camera (same model - lumix FX75) and touched-up the camo tape on my tripod, and got a new 16 gb memory card. Now am taking HD video of my hunts, maybe this year I will get a good, clear kill shot on video but this here is a start.


You can just watch the video if you don't want to read the details below...

Started in a series of fields Thurs morning, went to the far back of the last field and sat in the woods for a while. Before I set up, at dawn, along the edge of the field, I saw movement in the bushes and burned one of my turkey loads on this -

Then, after setting up by a big tree in the woods to listen for birds, two of these came up behind me and climbed a tree about 3 yd away.

Around 830 or so, I headed back out into the field and started working my way back through the series of fields to head back to the truck.

Crossed the first field, stepped into the second field and saw birds on the other side, in a gap in the tree line between the 2nd and 3rd fields. At first I saw craned necks but then I saw them fighting around with each other so I slowly dropped to the ground until they disappeared behind the tree line.

Then I snuck into the woods to my left, went through the woods along the field edge, and snuck up to where I could hear the birds in the field not far away.

I set up and called a couple times from inside the woods. Plenty of response, but no birds came any closer.

So I got up and quietly snuck up to the last thick wall of bushes before the woods broke into the field. It was here that one of the birds picked up my movement and started putting, and came right to the edge of the field looking for me, while I could barely see it through the bushes. I just waited for enough of a window to shoot through, and smoked the bird.

Then I got up and started walking around the bushes to get to the field. Saw another bird, squeezed the trigger right as a small tree crossed my line of fire. Saw the bird's wings flap as it took off in the air.

I continued walking till I could start to see the remaining birds, somewhat scattered, in the field. I took aim at a 3rd one, with another bird behind in the line of fire, but I only dropped one of them. So I took my chance with the last bird in range - it was walking, starting to run away from me. It was a ways out, but I shot it and dropped it. Later stepped off the distance, 45 yards.

While gathering the 3 birds I had killed, something down by the creek fell out of a tree. Looked like it almost could have been a turkey, but no, wouldn't quite believe that. Probably a squirrel nest or something.

Got my 3 birds together and was ready to fill the kill tag and leave. but that thing that fell out of the tree came back to mind, and I thought it would be really odd that a squirrel nest or something of that size would just fall out of a tree.

So I went down and looked just so I could be at ease.

Found this...

I am pretty sure one of the birds was hit by the 3rd shot and flew into the tree, and then died.

With 4 birds, I filled the rest of my 6 fall tags for Maury Co. All 6 were killed on public land.

One of the jakes was eating pretty good -

And I must give a shout out to Nimrod for helping me carry the birds out. \:D Had to leave the birds in the shade, take the gun and tripod back to the truck, and Nim and I went to quickly scout that spot for the youth hunt, and he carried 2 of my birds on the way out.

Specs -
Gun - NEF Pardner 12 gauge
Ammo - Winchester Supreme High Velocity 3" #6
Choke - XX Full Accu-Choke
Call - homemade tube