I replied in a thread in the Serious section but thought I would post again here as this is what QDM is all about. I passed 6 times on this buck in 2010 and really wanted him to make it. I do not have a lot of land and there are plenty of hunters around me so I never anticipate seeing a buck the next year.

Sure enough I never saw him in 2011. I had a hard time aging him in 2010 but guessed 3.5. He had very unique antlers that were snow white and pretty darn wide outside the ears. The tines were all pretty short and that is why I just thought he needed more time. I had already shot a pig of a 5.5 year old that year so I let him go.

Dad saw him last week in the late afternoon while turkey hunting. He followed 3 does in and browsed for 30 minutes before dark. I originally saw him on Nov 1st and shot this video on Nov 4th. He showed up almost like clockwork again this year. I am really hoping to get a shot at him.