I dropped by Academy Sports yesterday and found what I believe to be an awesome deal. A Rem MOd 770 stainless in .243 cal, with the syn stock, and also had the standard Bushnell 3x9x40 scope mounted on it. They were running an ad for their Rem's in 30-06 and .270 for $319.00, but they were blued. I asked if they had them in youth sizes and he said he couldn't find one, and I pointed out the only one I saw that was a youth, and whaddya know, it WAS a .243 and it was marked down to $319.00 as well. He said it was a nice mark down and was most likely done to be grouped with the other blued ones. Heavy barrel and kinda nice imo. I bought it for my daughter. So, did I do good?

Amateurs: Built the Ark

Professionals: Built the Titanic