Just wanted to put out a few things to make this hunt go as easy as we can.
1)You have to have a duck stamp period. License's if you have a sportsman's all you have to get is just the duck stamp to go with
the sportsman's. If you do not have a sportsman's and only have
just the hunting license's you have to get a TYPE 91 WMA WATERFOWL/SMALL GAME.They are 51.00 dollar's. Know that sounds high but I can't control that.

2) You have to use steel shoot in your gun only no exceptions. Also just like dove hunting you have to have the plug in your gun.

3) All my blinds are heated that being said make sure that you bring some cold weather cloth's. Also a very hand tool is a light that goes on the bill of your cap.

4) I have gas cook stoves in all my blinbs but one.Now I am not going to feed you guys lol.What I am saying tho is you guys can bring stuff to cook in the blind.They will have cooking pans and stuff like that.

5)I would highly suggest staying at the Fish Tale Lodge Friday night or at least close to it. We are going to eat and talk a good game that night.But the main thing is I want to let you know what blind you are in and who you are hunting with. I am pairing up with people that want to hunt together. Also I already have in each blind a seasoned caller and hunter to make this enjoyable as I can.

6) I will keep posting stuff as it gets closer.All the blinds are in deep water. You will not be wading at all to do anything. All done by boat and dog's Speaking of Dog's let me know who wants to bring there lab.with them.I know of one already counting mine. My cell is 731-514-3325 anything you want to ask me please just call me or tex me. I am looking forward to this. I also will be posting pictures of the blinds and area'a soon.