Well it was actually a crossgun but since my present health condition prevents me from shooting a real bow I go with what I got. ;\)
Don't want to stir nothin up ya know. \:\)

Anyway, about 30 minutes before dark yesterday I caught movement to my left, headed out into the cut bean field.
I knew immediately what it was so I grabbed my binoculars and checked it out.
I thought wow, that is a pretty coyote and BIG too.
Due to the lay off the land I lost sight of it for about 5 minutes and then it re-appeared in front of me, headed away and at about 400 yards.

It then stopped to scratch so I gave it two or three loud mouth squeaks.
It immediately turned my direction and looked for the source of the sound so I hit it again the best I could.
It immediately started on a b-line towards me !

I hung my binoculars up, grabbed my cross-gun, turned the scope on, pushed the safety off and shouldered it.

At this point it was at 50 yards but my view was blocked by a tree that was between us.

I squeaked two more times that sounded more like I was calling a puppy than something in distress, but I guess it was close enough because it came on in and out from behind the tree.

When he got to about 30 yards I put the three dots on it and thought it was odd that they were all three fitting on it's body.
I raised the top dot to the top of the back and shot.
It bit at the spot, kinda yelped and then took OFF!
I did see a puff of hair so I knew I had connected.
It covered about 350 yards in about 1.3 seconds and then turned and flipped and it was over.

It was my first coyote kill with anything besides a rifle and the first I have ever called in by using only my mouth.
I have called in fox before while deer hunting but never have killed one because I have never been clear on the regs, plus I like them. \:\)

Weighing in at just at 40 pounds, NEVER personally seen one that heavy, and with the teeth he had, I am quite certain this big male could take down a healthy deer !

Man took some good pictures but his phone puked and he lost them.
I did take these two with my phone though.

Dropped him off at the game stuffer and going to get an "old timers mount" where it is caped out and hung by the nose on the wall, much like a trapper would do to sell the hide.
He had alot of red on him and his coat was as thick as I have ever seen on a coyote.
Absolutely beautiful.
I would have done a full body mount but at $400 and hoping to have at least two bucks to mount I went with a cheaper route and still get to enjoy how pretty it is.

I know alot of people hate them and I understand it but since I have hunted them for a very long time I jsut really admire them for their hunting skills and how hard they can be to kill.

Youth is wasted on the young.