The wife and I fished the second day of it today. I was suppose to do some pics at the cove yesterday so I couldn't fish the first... Now I wish I could have. Those guys put on a real fun event. It was my first tourney like this but it will not be my last. You can weigh fish every hour. The top 5 all make a check from $500 to $100. This means you could make a 7 checks every day if your fish was one of the 5 biggest weighed in during that hour. The big bass for the 2 days in this event won a Nitro Z7 boat valued at $28,000. To fish both days the entry was $150. One day was $100. This is per person. Big fish for the event was 5.54 which was small in my opinion. I was thinking around 7 would be the top spot.

We had 3 guys from our pro-staff there that all weighed fish including myself. Tyler got 2 5th place checks for $100 a piece. As luck would have it JD got knocked out of 5th by Tyler in the last hour yesterday or he would have cut a check also. I placed 2nd in the 11-12 tour slot and got a check for $400.

If you are looking for a fun tourney to fish I would highly recommend you check these out.
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