OK, you may or may not have heard me bragging on this place. It is truly the most authentic Mexican restaurant I have visited in Memphis. Here's my litmus test: you never hear anyone bragging about their awesome margaritas (no liquor/beer license), and the first thing people mention isn't their chips (Las Delicias) or their white cheese dip (any other Tex-Mex) joint in town.

I ALWAYS get their 2-taco dinner, which comes with beans and rice. Tacos are always the "al-pastor" style, which is some sort of pork that seems to be stewed in a spicy red sauce, then tossed on a hot griddle prior to serving. However, I decided to branch out today. Besides their standard taco meat options, they offer some non-typical stuff: tripe, tongue, and goat. Since I'm not big on entrails, I opted for the upper end of the digestive track and ordered a tongue taco. I also figured it was time to give goat a try. But I was more in the mood to try new tacos, so instead of the dinner with beans and rice, I went for a third taco....chorizo.

Here it is in all its glory, the way tacos were originally sent by God to the Israelites....wait, wrong story. Tongue is on the left, chorizo in the middle, and goat on the right. Also, their standard red salsa, but we always ask for the green avocado salsa as well. A squirt of lime, and a scoop of each salsa is all the tacos need. Meat, onion, cilantro, lime, & salsa....Nom nom nom nom nom.

I tried each of the meats first before eating the taco as a whole. Tongue is very tasty, and very tender. But it's almost too tender.....mealy even. I didn't care for it much on the taco since it was just a bit too squishy. Tasty flavor, but weird texture. Next was the goat. It was absolutely spectacular. Tasted like lamb, but had the texture of a good pulled pork. I became a fan of goat today. And finally, the chorizo was very good. Crumbly, with a bit of "bark" to it, the flavor was great.

TAFKAP Jr. always gets the chicken tamale and a plate of beans.

If you've never been to La Guadalupana in Memphis, you are truly missing out on the best Mexican in town. Three tacos and the obligatory chips & salsa filled me to the brim. A large glass of horchata (Mexican "rice water"....ground rice, milk, water, cinnamon, and sugar) really helps wash it all down. Mrs. TAFKAP had the 2-taco dinner, my 3 tacos, and TAFKAP Jr.'s lunch were all $26 with tip. Run, don't walk, to the corner of Summer & Mendenhall. And if you insist on adult beverages with your Mexican, you can BYOB.
Everything important in life was learned from Mary Jo Kopechne.