i have roughly 40 acres i hunt that was logged in the 70s and turned into hay fields except roughly 5 to 7 acres in the middle of it. ive hunted it for the last 4 years or so and put up a new stand in mid september about 25 yds to the left of where i was and all the woods are so thick a 15 to 25yd shot AT the right second was all that was feasible. so i selectivly cleared shooting lanes and now i have 10 to 50yd shooting lanes in all directions. white oaks all around, and deer used to work this spot real well passing through from the big woods all around. sortof a low pressure sanctuary, problem is, now theyve shifted from coming by my stand, where i recently changed their bedroom, to staying to my left where the cover is way thick and nasty, i know this because i see them in the evenings from time to time 300yds away and they come in and out below my stand and in years past it was right at my stand, so my question is there a type of throw n go that works better than another or can i go to co op and by different blends of seeds for the same or similar money and have a better blend? it will have to be of a no til variety because access getting in is too thick in there for a tractor or atv. also area would be aprox. 1/4 acre and was really shaded but now gets small to decent anounts of sun all during the day. so id love to rake out the leaves and broadcast the seeds if thats the proper procedure. also id LOVE to do it this weekend, am i too late or will it come up ok? we do construction work and i know we put in alot of yards in the spring and fall but planting food plots in the woods is foreign to me. any and all help is appreciated especially on seed ideas/amounts and rough estimates on cost. land is in middle tn thanks!