Was on our way to Cades Cove today and coming on Hwy 321 going into Maryville. Just after you pass the TSC and Harley shop, there will be a little shopping center on your left...noticed there was a bow shop there. We turned around and went to check it out.

Seemed like really nice folks running it. I talked with them for a few and looked at what they had. They are a dealer for Hoyt, PSE, Strother, Bear, and he told me they just signed on for Elite too. They already had the biggest inventory of bows I've seen in one shop since the days when EWA was on down the road in Lenoir City. That is quite a statement, as John and Teresa always had a huge inventory of bows. The shop itself is small in size but he said they were getting ready to expand and make it bigger. If you're up in that area, you might wanna go check them out. I don't know how they will be for tuning and that sort of thing but they had a decent sounding package of things if you bought a bow from them....like range passes and that sort of thing.

Name of it is Bowhunter Pro Shop. Just thought I'd pass along the word. It's rare these days to go in any bow shop and the people make you feel welcome and are nice...instead of looking down their nose at you if you're a new comer and not one of the shop regulars.