After seeing it recently mentioned on here, I was doing some work near Deja Vu and decided to stop in for lunch. The restaurant is at the corner of Ghetto and Hood, but the building is clean and everyone is extremely friendly. At 1:00, there was still a decent lunch crowd still eating...a good mix of demographics, as well. There's not much seating space inside, but since I was there after the lunch rush, I sat immediately.

The menu was pretty varied, and you could get relatively cheap for $7.99 items or high on the hog for a $22 sampler plate. I opted for the blackened catfish, as I don't tend to go for po boys. The fish plates come with (2) sides....I opted for collard greens and red beans & rice.

The fish was fantastic. It was moist, flaky, and well seasoned.....also had just a slight hint of "mud" taste to it so you knew you were eating catfish. Red beans & rice tasted pretty good, but would be more aptly described as "bowl of rice with red bean sauce topping". Collards were just right, but I think were cooked to appeal to the vegan/veggie crowd with no smoked meat. Cornbread was a little on the sweet side, and more caky than cornbready. The tea wasn't very good...I suspect a Nestea concentrate or something similar.

For $13, this was a little steep on the plate lunch side of things, but Deja Vu seems pretty legit as a Creole stop. Probably will stop by a few more times to try some of the more pricy Creole offerings.

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