I recently bought a new house and it has 4 acres. There are deer around and I would like to make my 4 acres - the right 4 acres. Not just for the deer, but for my family too.

I would ideally like to have only tree's that are 'functional' if thats the word I am looking for. Such as oak, pecan, persimmons, apple, pear, etc.

Right now I have some pines, sweet gums, and birch mixed in with oaks.

With the exception of having more land, I dont see myself ever moving. I'm blessed to have this property and house at such a young age and I want to make changes now that I will be able to enjoy.

What steps should I take to make this happen? I've never been involved in land/tree management before so I imagine I will have to hire someone to come out and cut trees and remove stumps.

I've got a couple dozen persimmon seeds wrapped and in the freezer. I'm planning on putting them in pots in January and hopefully planting them the following year. So I would like to have this work done over the next year or so.
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