I purchased the moultriee plot stalker a few weeks back on sale at dunhams. I was trying to get a decent camera for under $100 bucks. I realized it was a video camera but After reading through the manual and fooling around with it a bit I found out it took pics too ((or so I thought)) after putting it out two weeks ago I went and checked it yesterday and there were hundreds of pics so I was real excited!!! Well to my suprise when I had set up the camera I chose 1min for time lapse or ya know so it wouldn't keep snappin pics of the same deer infront of it eating n I guess I didn't understand it correctly cause instead of taking a pic whenever a deer crossed the path like most cams I've delt with do, every exact min it would jus snap a photo!!! Can someone please help me and tell me what I'm missing!!! And I mean every minute of every hour it would snap a picture even without anything infront.. 12:00 snap! 12:01 snap! 12:02 snap! Plus when it got dark out it continued to do the same but it was pitch black like there was no flash or it didn't work at night or something!? Someone please give me an explanation before I take this darn thing back!!!
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