I went out this morning since getting all the stuff i bought from cecil. I started out with 300 gr. Ftx + harvester rcr, first shot was good left to right and about 5 in. High. Second shot was about an inch to the right. I adjusted 2-1/4 in lower and fired 2 shots both cutting the same hole. These were very difficult to load but if i do my part i think will produce 1" groups maybe a little better. I then fired 3 shots with said bullet and short black mmp sabot. Another 1" group!

The hole highest in elevation on the target is the 2 shot group the other is the short black mmp group

Im a little scared of the ftx though because i have read so many mixed reviews i have some 300 gr xtp and 300 gr. 458 hollw points ordered, but if the 458 is any harder to load than the 452 w/ rcr its probably out of the question. What do yall guys think about the ftx? I know its no comparison to a deer but i dug this out of the ground from behind my target

Keep in mind on the bullet 99.9% of my shots will be within 100 yds and probably 85% within 60-75 yards
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