I have three "off the radar" soul food places that I am interested in. Anyone been to any of these places?

1. Aunt Cora's
I drive by this place going to and from President's Island each year and always wonder about it. Its in the McLemore/Florida St area, complete with a gang sign on the front. This is the real deal ghetto. Memphis City search says that it is closed, but it was definitely open this weekend when I drove past. I can't find much of anything about this place online except that they made a 90 on their health inspection in 2009. No reviews. I'm guessing a white person has never been here.

2. Uptown Soul Food
Chelsea Ave

A friend told me that, for $6, you can get the best plate of neck bones you'll ever have. 5 stars on Urban Spoon, supposed to be ridiculously cheap. http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/50/1556855/restaurant/Uptown/Best-Kept-Secret-Memphis

3. Peggy's Just Heavenly
326 South Cleveland Street

This is next door to Printer's Alley in the Medical district. 4.5 stars on Urban Spoon. I think they have daily specials with Catfish available daily. -heard good things. http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/50/1539016/restaurant/Midtown/Peggys-Heavenly-Home-Cooking-Memphis
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