I'll try to keep this short:
Last year my bow got stolen (another story) and I decided since I was starting fresh I would get a crossbow. I went with the Barnett Wildcat Extreme. I tagged a doe in mid-season last year with it but was suprised that the bolt did not pass through: 20 yard shot perfect broadside no shoulder contact. VERY little blood on the ground but she didn't run far. THEN, at the end of season, I decided to take another doe: 25 yards broadside. The bolt didn't go through and I could see it protruding out as she ran off. I thought, O well won't go far, shot placement looked great. Got down and ZERO blood. After looking for 4 hours I had found 4 drops of blood and no deer. It shook my confidence. This year Opening day SAME STORY. Late in the morning lonely doe (maybe button buck) 20 yards. No pass through! I start shaking in the stand praying for good blood as I have seen this before. Found some blood and followed about 50-60 yards and vanished. Spent ALL DAY looking for deer, but it was in a thicket and could have gone anywhere. I'm sure some will slam for shot placement, but it was right on. Maybe not perfect but GOOD ETHICAL KILL SHOTS, just no penetration. Came right home and sold the xbow same day. Bought a Mathews and haven't looked back and will NEVER EVER own a crossbow again. The weird part is that the cross bow nearly shot through my target and my Mathews doesn't... but my Mathew's just went straight through a deer and so hard into the tree behind it that it split the MAXIMA shaft??? So, whats your thoughts? BTW, The Mathew's kill fell over, stood up, and fell back over.... no tracking this time...
I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure.

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