So I was at BPS today to get just browse and decided to pick up a pack of the 2 blade Rage Chisel Tips.

First thing off the bat is Rage has an allen screw that secures the blades. The blades out of the package were noticeably sharper than Rage I bought in the past.

Removal of the blades to touch up on a diamond stone was very easy. Now I have some very sharp blades.

The chisel tip is solid steel and has a very sharp point. I prefer this to the original COC head.

Given the ease to change blades with the new system. I can see myself reusing these heads.

The indention where the blade "locks" to the o ring is better. They are definitely locked in place better than the originals IMO.

As always the practice head flies with my field points. I did some 50 yard shooting today and it stacked with the rest of the arrows.

These look like winners and can't wait to try them out.

Yes I like broadheads and own several kind.