I took the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful afternoon by verifying that my Savage was still zeroed in from last year, and to do some fine tuning on it if it were warranted. I am shooting 43 grains of IMR SR4759 and pushing the Hornady 250 grain SST bullets about 2100fps. My first "foul" shot at 100 yards surprisingly hit almost dead center, maybe 1/2" high. I was thinking that something was amiss because I was sure I had it set 3" high at 100 yards last year. The next three shots confirmed what I was thinking, about 3" high and 1" to the right. Considering I primarily hunt woods, and rarely hunt open fields these days, especially during muzzleloader, my goal was 2" high at 100 yards this year for a zero at 150 yards. I clicked my scope 3 clicks down and 3 clicks to the left and my last two shots hit about 2" high and basically dead on horizontally (100 yards). That was good enough for me for today as my free time was running out. \:\) I plan to go back and shoot it a few more times at 150 and 200 just so I'll know what it is indeed doing at those ranges. Below are an assortment of pics that better tell the story.

Andy S.

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