For those who have bought one of the CZ 527 Carbines in 7.62x39 and noticed that there is no obvious adjustment for elevation with the sights, I just wanted to point out my own frustration and easy solution. I loved the gun the 1st time I picked one up but after I bought it, I decided that I would like to try hunting using open sights rather than a scope. But then it shot way low and the rear sight is adjustable for windage only(dovetailed into barrel). I noticed after tinkering with it a while that the front sight is actually removable by pressing the small spring loaded plunger. Well, after sending an email to CZ at an address I got from the website, I got an immediate response that there is a full assortment of sights of various heights available and that all I needed to do was tell how far off my rifle was hitting from the point of aim and they would send me a couple of sights - free of charge - remedy the problem. I got them in just a few days. Problem solved. Still, I don't see why CZ doesn't mention this anywhere in the guns manual or the website. I bet a lot of guys have just given up on these nice little rifles for this reason. For a reloader or anybody who changes ammo, the entire assortment of sights may be needed at some time or another.