when you crash through the bushes into a field and the flock stands to your left, you don't really look to see how big they are, you just shoot. At least that's what I did. They were smaller than I thought but a great start to the fall season.

just before noon today I finally found some birds in a field. I put the sneak on them. But then lost my phone and tube call somewhere in the field. At first, I kept stalking, but then it started to rain a little.

so the birds disappeared from sight on the other end of the field. I started searching for my phone and call, and found them. I crossed the field carefully, then worked my way through the strip of woods around the field where I thought they might be.

finally I emerged from the privet bushes opposite of where I started out in the field. I looked to my left, and there the flock had re-materialized. They saw me of course and started to leave. I shot one. I then shot another one. By this time, the rest flew off except for one. I ducked and ran full sprint and got in range, but then lost the shot opportunity. The second bird I shot got up, and took off flying. I blew it out of the air with a puff of feathers. So that's 3 shots for 2 birds, and they were poults. But they should taste great. If given the chance to distinguish between adult and young birds, I will always avoid the poults, but this time I couldn't tell. 2 down and 4 to go for Maury County. Public land.

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