I had a little free time today, so I headed into the park for a short trip to photograph some fall colors.

My first stop looked like a good spot. Think there's any fall colors in here?

Yep, brown. One of my favorite colors.

Next stop. Hopefully there is some color in here.

Yep, rainbow.

Now, before anyone says "rainbow isn't really a color." Rainbow may not be a single color, but it is actually all the colors. At least the important ones.

Another stop.

Some more brown.

Fishing was really really good today. I'd gotten an email last week from a buddy that said the browns were on the move. I didn't catch any big browns, but I did have a nice one roll at my dry fly but I never hooked up. I also did hook into a real strong fish that got off as quick as it took to read this sentence.

All fish but 1 was caught on a size 16 pheasant tail of one sort or another. I did realize that I really need to spend some time behind the vise this week because my flybox is pretty well wiped out. Have a good week.