Which players do yall think will play at the next level, or a t least will get a shot at playing in the future from the current team, here are mine:

Tyler Bray(high pick)
Rajion Neal(low pick)
Ben Bartholomew(undrafted FA)
Justin Hunter(high pick)
Cordarrelle Patterson(high pick)
Zach Rogers(undrafted FA)
Mychal Rivera(low pick to undrafted FA)
Darrington Sentimore(low pick)
Daniel McCullars(high pick if improvement continues)
Herman Lathers(undrafted FA)
A.J. Johnson(high pick)
Jacques Smith(mid pick)
Justin Coleman(has talent to be high pick)
Byron Moore( mid pick)

This is just so far, there are a couple of freshman that I like but need to see more of.
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