Got to thinking/
.22LR is perfect for small game but a tad under for yotes and such.
.22mag is too hot for small game and good to light for yotes.

.17hmr is a bit overclocked for small game but still a tad light for yotes

.20 is a bit hot for small game but better for yotes.

So.... I know for liability reasons a manufacturer wouldn't build one but...

Why not build a .22LR/.22MAG rifle. Similar to the concept of the Ruger Single Six revolver?

With CCI stingers you get around 1600fps with 22.mag you get about 2200fps.

With modern propellants, would it be POSSIBLE to soup up a .22LR to 2000+fps?

If not, would it be possible to build the chamber on a .22 to handle both and .22mag? Probably be some challenges for an auto loader.

What about going old school and making a wheel gun style rifle? Picture a Ruger single six with an 18" barrel and a shoulder stock ?

For some reason I am fascinated with the idea of a "one gun" concept for small game up to coyotes. Instead of the "perfect" caliber, could you build a more versatile platform ?
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