First of all I want to give a huge thanks to A. Hall for putting us on the fish. We fished a few hours Wednesday figuring out exactly where the fish were in the area Spoon sent us to. We only caught 5 keepers but knew what to do Thursday. We came back Thursday and had perfect conditions all day. We caught 23 keepers Thursday. All total we had 28 keepers, all over 12 inches with 2 just shy of 16 inches. We gave 8 to my buddy who we stayed with to add to his mess and kept 20. Ended up with 7 pounds 8 ounces of pure white crappie fillets. Thanks again Spoon! And thanks to the good Lord for perfect weather and no wind Thursday.

The 2 big girls. Just shy of 16", 2 pounds a piece:

The 20 we brought home: