I have been shopping around for a smoother drawing bow at a 60 lb. draw weight , and shot several Hoyt models . I could have gotten a new 2011 CRX 32 for $600 , but I didn't like the short valley of the Fuel cam .
I actually found a brand new 2009 Katera XL for only $400 with a full factory warranty in close out at my local pro shop . I didn't buy it just because it was cheap , I bought it because I liked the draw cycle and longer valley of the Z 3 cam and 1/2 . It has a 35" ata , so it is a little more stable than my shorter hunting bows . I needed a lighter draw weight bow , with a smooth draw cycle because of my bad shoulder that has been causing me a great deal of pain while shooting my Axe 6 at 64 lbs.
I got it dialed in pretty good at 25 yards , even in this windy day here in KC. It shoots good , a little noisier than my PSE bows , but nothing I can't quiet down with string leaches .
Any owners , or former owners of the Katera ? Your thoughts ?