I never post pics or reports on public forums (except FB), but I did all my research on public forums for this hunt so I wanted to share this picture and notes of my recent WY DIY Antelope hunt. I will spare you a long story, just quick facts and some FYI as I usually write a blog and if I chose to do so on this hunt I will post a link. If you decide on a left over tag please take this into consideration.

-This hunt took place in area 23, I bought a left over tag early Sept. Area 23 is very limited access for public land and what public land is there is not antelope country, here is a hint..."hunt the blue sections on your map"! Or fork over the cash and pay a trespass fee if you plan early enough.

-I hunted very hard for 4 straight days, on the 3rd day I was able to put on two stalks on two different herds, both stalks were blown. These animals on this pressured public land are "SPOOKY".

-On the fourth day I spotted this lone buck on a section of state land in the southern part of the area, the stalk was on. You could see the goat and my orange hat from the road, I would guess I was 300+ yards off the road. 300 yards in WY is like 5 feet in TN! I headed the buck off in a drainage with the wind in my face and the sun at my back. I crawled to the top of a rise and spotted him, he was facing me with no suitable shot. Then the horns started honking. The tourist and anti-hunters spotted me and him and put two and two together, they were on his side. It was fast forward motion now...I decided he was a shooter and waited for him to turn. Which he did and the 7mm at 180 yards put him down quick.

-This hunt was full of high's and low's, mainly due to the fact of the VERY limited public land. I knew this going into the hunt. I am all about the hunt, the kill and "trophy" aspect is subjective, which is irrelevant for this topic.

-This pronghorn will be enjoyed as great table fare by myself, my wife, and friends. In addition I will make the memories last and pay respect to Gods great creation by preserving it as a pedestals mount and including the muley sheds in the habitat (I do my own taxi work).

-This is my third pronghorn and my second biggest as far as B&C is concerned, but he is #1 in my book. For those concerned he will push 70" or a tad over, his mass is his greatest factor.

This pic was taken after field dressing, my camera and tripod were in the truck and walking back was out of the question.

Here are some of the sheds I found while hunting hard for the speedsters, I did see a 145" muley but saved my tag on him. As I am headed North to hunt a private ranch. Would have been a tough decision but I already paid for the trespass fee.

I would be glad to help anyone with any questions on a DIY WY hunt.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.
-John Muir