I bought a new optima last year stainless fluted thumbhole the whole 9 yards. I put a new leoupold ultimate slam scope on it. Ihave always shot 2 pyrodex pellets with 250gr. bullet but i couldnt get a pattern at all with it. So i took the advice to try loose powder and everyone pointed me towards the blackhorn. Tried it today first shot was about a 2 second delay so i reloaded pulled the trigger nothing...tried again nothing i took out the breech plug and knocked out old powder and reloaded again with new still nothing barely could get it to burn with a lighter lol..obviulsly just a bad batch of powder but i dont think i could ever use this again with any confidence..so my next question who has a gun like mine and what does it pattern good with going to try 3 pellets (150gr) if that dont work maybe white hots??