I am looking at getting an AR and was wanting to ask a few questions of you more experienced guys. I am planning to get it for personal plinking, but mainly for my daughter to use to deer hunt with nextseason (she will be 7). I am not a purist, nor will I be doing the tacticool mods, just a simple T6 stock, flat top AR will be just fine. I like the OR format of the DPMS Oracle, but with the recent price increases I can get a Del Ton or Doublestar for about the same price, but they have the front sight to get in the way of the scope. The latter two seem to be better built and have better furniture, but not a chrome lined barrel, which the Oracle has. What are your reccomendations on this?

Also, how is the front sight issue remedied without major further expense? I don't particularly like the use of a riser, as I would like to keep the scope (either a Nikon 2-7x or an old Weaver fixed 2.5x) mounted as low as possible for a good stock-cheek weld for my little one, but someone may tell me that this is not an issue, and that is why I am asking for experienced advice. I just don't want the front sight to obscure the sight picture. I have heard of shaving the front sight, but how hard is this to cover the bare metal, espcially if not removed from the gun to do the mods (I don't have the special AR tools)?

Also, the Doublestar is offered in an HBAR configuration, but how much additional weight does this actually add? As I said, I want my daughter to use it, so I don't want too much additional weight out front, but it may help her a little with recoil.

Last of all, how do you get past the loud noise made from "ramming one home" in the dark quiet of the morning in the deer woods? Do you ease it home and use the forward assist?

I will be reloading for this, so I will probably use 60gr Partitions or 65gr Gamekings, so I am not too concerned with hunting ammo availability.

Thanks in advance,

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