Long story short, I've been hunting deer for around 30yrs, 20+ with a bow. I have been fortunate enough to have taken some really good deer, so tonight I'm in mt stand, about 45 min. Before dark I have a small six pt and a doe, fawn standing 15yds from my stand. I'm enjoying the show knowing I'm not going to shoot at this trio, then it happened! Down the trail I came the big spike we,ve been trying to kill for 3 yrs, my heart starts pounding, my ears are ringing and my hands are shaking and I'm breathing like a prom queen in the back seat, over a spike! Will I ever outgrow this? Will age conquer this buck fever? God I hope not cause when I stop getting jacked up over a deer is the day I quit hunting! Oh yea, didn't get a shot, ran out of light.