This past Saturday I was hunting from a ground blind and had a doe come to a salt lick 15 yards away. I drew back as she turned quartering away from me, so I settled the pin just in front of her last rib and released. I heard the arrow hit her and she hunched up and ran. I leaned my head out trying to hear her fall and heard nothing. I looked at where she was standing and saw my arrow lying on the ground. I thought that was odd since I expected the arrow to either pass though and go into the tall grass behind her, or to remain in her. I retrieved my arrow and have been confused ever since.

I shoot rage broadheads. The blades were completely deployed, there was hair on the broadhead and one tiny piece of flesh. The arrow and the head were completely 100% devoid of any blood. Not even the slightest trace. A thorough inspection of the area revealed no blood at all.

I know 2 things for sure. (1) I did not miss the deer. I saw and heard it hit her and there was hair and a tiny bit of meat on the broadhead. (2) I did not "graze" her or my arrow would have continued past the deer. There was nothing in front of her and there was nothing behind her but grass. The arrow was lying IN FRONT of where the deer stood, clearly not passing through or even sticking in the deer.

I consider myself to be a fairly good shot with a bow, but I'm not perfect. She was only 15 yards and I felt good about the shot but if I had hit her exactly where I was aiming, I probably wouldn't be typing this. So feel free to blame my shooting/shot placement - I promise, I've considered it as a possibility.
Also, I have had good experience with rage heads in the past, but I know some of you don't like them, so feel free to blame the broad head. Both my equipment and my shooting are fair game in your analysis. My arrow is around 350 grains and my bow shoots them at 312 fps. 100 grain 2 blade rage.

What has me so confused is: even if my shot was terrible (for sake of argument), 15 yards away at eye level quartering away, where could I have hit a deer so that my arrow would not even stick in her but simply hit her and fall to the ground.