I traveled a lot after the dove opener, and am worried I might've ruined some of my dove breasts. I usually brine my dove in the fridge for a day, then freeze them. Since I was running around like crazy, I never got around to "properly" storing my dove. So rather than taking the time to freeze the birds, I'd end up changing out the water every evening for about a week. Not a problem, I've done it before with no issues.

This time, I apparently didn't add enough water, and a number of the breasts were exposed to air during their salt bath. Granted, they were in a very cold refrigerator the entire time, the exposed meat got very firm and dark in color.....they didn't get funky, but almost like the exposed meat had been "dry aged". They really resembled a steak that had been dry aged in the cold for a week.....dark, firm, drawn up, and deeply red-brown in color.

Any concern? They don't have a spoiled odor, and except for their appearance, no other problems to note.
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