Well it finally happened to me. All the years I have hunted I never lost one till this weekend. So my question is who has trained their dog to track. I have a german shephard who I think is capable of this. When I got home from searching she was smelling around my ankles like I had a T-bone in my socks. I never had any contact with the deer other than walking the same path.
I then put her in the house, then took my arrow and pulled it through the grass from the front yard through the gate into the back yard. I zig zagged a little, for a total of about 40 yards. I then let her out and brought her to where I started. She followed the exact same path that the arrow took. It less than 30 seconds she found the arrow. So I thought this is pretty cool. So I put here back in the house and invited the wife and kinds to witness the neat trick she can do. So I did everything with the arrow, but in the front yard this time. I the let her back outside and brought her where I started the trail. She proceeded to sit down and look at me like I was stupid. So much for showing the fam what an intelligent do we have.
At this point I realized that training will be needed. Obviously she is quite capable of tracking, she just needs a little help. So my question to those that have trained is how do you do it.
Did you buy a book? Pay somebody to do it? Or did it come natural for your dog? Any other tips?
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